The greatest focus is put on this fiber, which, pure or mixed with other natural or synthetic fibers, always gives great results in terms of brightness and softness, without compromising its resistance. This is thanks to the experience and the use of special production processes.


Linen, wool, cotton, silk: Lonfil can create yarns with natural materials, both pure and mixed with other fibers.


Our yarns can be inherently flameproof thanks to a collaboration of over 20 yars with leading flameproof fiber producers.


Recycled materials, certified raw materials, low environmental impact processes: Lonfil’s production is ecologically responsible and extremely receptive in listening and implementing the needs of our customers as well as the customers of our customers.

Mixed and special

Lonfil yarns can be created using different raw materials, creating unique mixes, always through the application of TDA. We listen and propose solutions of every kind.


Fancy yarns are created in collaboration with collaborators, twisting colored fibers or yarns with different colors. Yarns of great look, strength and resistance.


It’s not enough for a yarn to look good, it also needs to be performant and innovative, making it functional as well. In this field Lonfil holds great experience in terms of satisfying requests that both customers and the market require time after time.


A great portion of our production is destined to special uses which, through stringent specifications, the final customer requests specific performance from the textiles such as flame retardant, resistance to rubbing, light resistance of the color, washing in bleach, or specific declarations indicating that they don’t contain certain elements, such as antimony and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Contract is a textile that doesn’t go in private houses, but is rather used in theaters, hotel, ships, offices, hospitals, restaurants, museums, etc.