Normanda and Angelo created the company more than 40 years ago, in a district that has always been home to the textile industry. However they took a particular path, choosing to specialize in the upholstery sector rather than choosing fashion. A decision that has been nurtured by the two sons: Carlo and Sergio, who now are at the lead of the business.
Lonfil is specialized in the production of chenille and fancy yarns directed to upholstery applications which still today presents unbeatable functionality and aesthetics, particularly in textiles destined to sofas. Thanks to the innovative Total Dynamic Approach (LINK), Lonfil is able to create performing quality yarns together with the weavers, ensuring that weavers get exactly what they need for any given application. This allows each yarn to be produced to specification, and engineered based on the requirements, allowing for a weaving solution to be created.


By listening to the requirements of the customer, and thanks to our competence and knowledge of both the product and the process, we are able to develop any type of project, giving shape to the ideas of the client and the ones of our client’s client.


We’re a family business, and our company shares the values of the Longo family: respect, determination and commitment


We are convinced that the key to the success of our customers is a combination of innovation, creativity and quality. We strive to adapt and reimagine the product for the customer, listening and discussing the desired result and putting these principles into practice to satisfy and overcome the requests of our customers, every time.


Lonfil’s creative and commercial department are still in prato, while the production plant is strategically situated within the textile district in the north east of Romania, in Botosani, where it has been for the last 20 years.Its important to underline that the Botosani plant and our employees there are the most important element of our activity, and its where we are able to translate the conversations with out customers into the end product.


This is where our TDA is put into practice. The heart of the company is Italian, and in Romania, it has found fertile land to cultivate the same values and the same passion that was born in Prato.


A young and dynamic team, composed of curious driven individuals, constantly up-to-date with worldwide market trends. Lonfil employees are at the main strength of the company, ready to offer competence, professionality and experience to tackle new challenges and succeed.