By listening to the requirements of the customer, and thanks to our competence and knowledge of both the product and the process, we are able to develop any type of project, giving shape to the ideas of the client and the ones of our client’s client.


We’re a family business, and our company shares the values of the Longo family: respect, determination and commitment


Throughout over 40 years of serving the industry we have accumulated and passed over generations a knowledge of the market, key players and technical know-how that gives us the edge weavers need to survive in the increasingly competitive market.

Normanda and Angelo started the company in 1977 in Prato, a district that has always been home to textiles.

They took a particular path, choosing to specialize in the upholstery sector. A decision that has been nurtured by the two sons: Carlo and Sergio, who now are at the lead of the business.

The company has since specialized in developing full-spectrum collaborations with upholstery weavers worldwide
Collaboration is how we aim to push the limits of what weavers can achievebusiness.

Our experience with weavers and our understanding of chenille as well as textiles allows us to assist clients throughout the development and production process.

Our mission is to focus on what others cannot do, and over the years, together with our customers, we’ve realized that our real expertise is solving problems that represent barriers to success and innovation in our business
As Lonfil made the move towards specialized solutions the company’s approach to production had to change.
We now have a system that allows for the development and production of ad-hoc products starting from an idea of the end product and working our way backward.


We define goals and parameters meeting with all the players, designers, technicians, sales force and logistic. We analyze all aspects and factors: Strategy, Technology, Raw Materials and Markets In order to define our goals.


Once the goals are defined, our TDA team starts staging internal meetings and working with technicians, technical partners, and proceed to the production of the first prototype for testing and analysis


When the novelty yarn is defined, the process of scaling starts. Putting the value-added product into production at an industrial scale, making sure through continuous tuning that the most efficient and successful processes are adopted

We produce yarns with exceptional efficiency and quality, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the field of chenille.
Focusing on specialized solutions has caused the productive process to be challenging. It has demanded a meticulous organization, which has allowed Lonfil to provide fast, reliable and dynamic responses to the requests and needs of the clients.

Quality control is a continuous process, starting from the moment of the raw material is received throughout al the production stages until the final product is delivered.

The aim is to create a perfect yarn out of a notoriously imperfect yarn. Chenille is in fact an irregular yarn that requires extreme care and precision. Minimizing imperfections to the absolute minimum is key in ensuring a smooth process for weavers, and its the core of everyday operations at Dorotex

In each state of production the yarn is subject to rigorous controls, the twisting and winding machines being updated with control equipment able to detect deviations from specifications established in the initial design


The sustainable development intends to answer the needs for today’s generations without compromising future generations’ possibility to satisfy their future needs. We foresee a global approach that takes into account economic, social and environmental aspects.

For us at Lonfil, sustainability involves a number of aspects: respect for the environment through a transparent production that safeguards resources. The social aspect also stands close to our heart, striving to maintain a production process that respects worker’s rights, and that takes into account the safeguard of the territory.

For this reason, Lonfil has taken a voluntary policy that has been developed through a collaboration between management and employees. A commitment towards sustainability that also aims to push innovation and the pursuit towards excellence.

Our commitment is to provide you with solutions.
We brainstorm, prototype, test, and analyze each prodocut based on the needs and requirements of the project. The result are tailored and performing yarns that often catalyze the innovation of upholstery textiles.